Our Mission...


Innovation. Reliability. Expertise. Honesty.


Empire Accounts was created with these values at its core to see a new age of accounting for the 21st Century. No more inefficent, outdated practice. No more useless industry babble. No more elitist, self important attitude. Just forward thinking, creative solutions to support your business and its ascension to greatness.

We don't wear suits. We don't live unhealthy, indulgent lifestyles. We study the global economy. Because this makes us statistically 30% more productive than anyone else; and it's all for you.

We are a new breed of accountants. We are here for you. We are Empire.




The Building Blocks of an Empire...


Founded with the vision of a new age of accounting, Empire Accounts strives to remain at the forefront of the industry. Productivity, technology, ground-breaking techniques, tenacity and complete honesty have been the building blocks of our Empire since the very beginning. We will always give you honest, expert and effective advice to instantly optimize your tax efficiency and compliance; ultimately saving you money in every area possible.




Complete Packages to suit your every need...


We understand how business works. We know that every business and it's founder are different. That is why at Empire, we make every service bespoke; tailored completely to your needs. Whether you need us to assist you run your own accounts or provide more support and leave you to reap the benefits, Empire will go the extra mile to ensure you are completely cared for. Tell us your needs and we will make sure to fulfill them.


With us, you can watch your Empire grow before your very eyes. Call us today.