Specialised accounting solution for you...



Specialised accountancy service, we're in the know

Forensic Accounting is a highly specialised service. With our expertise and knowledge we will ensure your company is fully up to date with compliancy law throughout any HMRC inspection.


We're in the know, and so are you

When you choose Empire to aid in your company's accounts and their compliancy, you will receive a full auditor's report outlining all of our findings and the next action to be taken. We keep you informed every step of the way.


Compliance assurance, we will make sure of it

If you have a tax/vat inspection from the HMRC it could be down to incorrect paperwork or a misunderstanding of compliancy laws. Empire not only supports your business through an inspection but ensures that the paperwork is completely up to date. We implement an easily manageable structure to make sure you don't get caught short again.